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2 years ago

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Me and my best friend went to the shopping Wrexham, decided to go for a coffee, sit outside a cafe across from each other and had a chat and watch the world go by. Then I crossed bbwhunter my legs and my best friends reaction, she could see he was not wearing panties, she tried not to be so, but do not resist, and she smiled, I felt very hot in the thought, my best friend in sight I could see my pussy and my best friend always great. We're both not ready out of our purchases to be able to concentrate and the bbwhunter way back to the car, I tore the skirt of my best friend so he could see my pussy as I was driving. And then we were both very hot she put her hand on my leg and slowly moved his hand on my throbbing wet pussy, bbwhunter which was almost an orgasm with enthusiasm then put your finger in me that was so sensitive and finger I was fucked up. When we got home, we passionatly kiss and then lay on the couch and I paddlebehold her skirt and panties and I put my tongue in her wet pussy and gave him a verbal warning, until he came.
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